Our Story

Kernel Kat was created after a Leicestershire animal rescue shelter saw a need for a highly efficient and environmentally friendly cat litter, which was cost-effective as well as biodegradable. And, of course, kind to cats!

Using the knowledge, passion and industry expertise of some of the country’s best animal care professionals, Woodside AC Trading set out to create such a litter. Kernel Kat has been developed using a unique production process and one of nature’s most effective natural capillary systems, corn kernel.

The finished product has been independently tested by Genon Laboratories in West Yorkshire, and pilot tested by cat owners, catteries, and rescue shelters alike – to glowing reviews.

Product Benefits

Thanks to its outstanding absorbency, odour neutralisation and flush without fear technology Kernel Kat provides premium performance for as little as 39p per day.

One 5 litre bag represents a months supply of cat litter typically saving cat lovers up to 40% on their monthly litter spend.

For catteries and rescue centres, the biodegradability of the product cal lead to significant savings on waste management costs plus save volunteers a considerable amount of time when cleaning pens.

Woodside AC Trading

Woodside AC Trading developers of Kernel Kat specialise in devloping eco-friendly pet products, using all natural ingredients and recyclable packaging we place the quality of product and ite enviromental impact at the forfront of our research and development programs.

Its not about the bottom line!

We dontate all  operating profits back into animal care – supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of thousands of cats.