• How do I use Kernel Kat?

    Spread a 5cm layer of Kernel Kat across your litter tray. When your cat uses the tray, the litter will clump and be ready for scooping. All you need to do is remove the clumps and flush them straight down the toilet. No bagging up smelly contents or scrubbing sticky mess from litter trays.

  • How can Kernel Kat stay in the tray longer without causing unwanted smells?

    The clever natural capillary system of the corn that forms the base of our litter traps and absorbs ammonia and urine odours.

    This process eliminates smells quickly and naturally, without the need for nasty chemical masking agents, ensuring your home stays odour free while your cat benefits from using an organic product for toileting.

  • Is Kernel Kat more expensive than conventional cat litters?

    A 5-litre bag of Kernel Kat represents a months supply of cat litter (based on one healthy cat using the litter tray).

    Compared to buying a bag a week of inferior clay or wood pellet litters, kernel Kat 5L costs £11.99 a month = premium performance for 39p per day

  • Is it safe for me to use Kernel Kat?

    Kernel Kat is produced using 100% natural corn making it perfectly safe for both you and your cat. Dust free so no nasty airborne particles.

    Our manufacturing process has also been carefully designed to keep it completely dust-free, and it rarely sticks to your cat’s feet, stopping that dreadful tracking of dirty litter on to your clean floors and carpets.

  • What if my cat swallows some litter?
    It’s perfectly natural for cats of all ages to lick their paws, but it can be a little worrying if you think your pet has swallowed some litter in the process. Some litters can contain potentially dangerous contents, but Kernel Kat will pass safely through a cat’s digestive system.

    Our litter is made from natural, organic whole corn kernels, as opposed to an inorganic material such as clay. Despite Kernel Kat not being a food product, it’s made from corn varieties approved by the UK and EU for food and animal feed, making it perfectly safe for cats.

  • Is Kernel Kat easy to carry?

    Three bags of Kernel Kat litter

    Our Recyclable packaging is both strong and has finger holes at the top. Making it easy to carry.

  • Where can I buy Kernel Kat?

    If you’re a cat owner, click here to find your nearest shop with the help of our nifty Store Locator.

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